When and Why Did Men First Start Shaving?

When you take out your cut throat razor and start shaving, do you ever think, why am I doing this? Probably not! For most people, it’s something we have done ever since we started sprouting facial hair.

Also, have you ever considered how long man has shaved for, and when the process first started? We dive into these questions in the below article and look at why we shave, and who first did it!

And This Has Been Done for Thousands of Years

So we know the whys, but when did this practice start? It may amaze you to know that shaving has been done since prehistoric times. Evidence has shown that in this era, humans fashioned basic razors from natural items like clam shells and shark’s teeth.

After that, we developed our skills and the Bronze Age saw metalwork introduced. We mined and melded metals like bronze and copper. As a result, simple razors using these substances were created. Burial sites and tombs have shown evidence of these metal razors, particularly constructed from copper. Flint was also a common item used as this was readily available and didn’t require as much mining effort.

It wasn’t until the 18th century that something like the straight razor blades we use today were created. This was first done in the home of steel – Sheffield. During the industrial revolution in England, Sheffield was a key area for the development of metalwork and steel and it’s still something it’s known for today. 

We can thank Benjamin Huntsman for creating the first razor blade with a new type of hardened steel. This was developed in a roaring hot crucible where different materials like steel and other debris were melted to form a tough and durable composite that could be poured into different moulds. 

From here, things improved and we now have access to some incredible quality blades that keep sharp and are easy to incorporate into things like safety razors and cut throat razors.

Next Time You Shave, Think Yourself Lucky!

So, the next time you slap on your shaving cream and get ready to trim your growth, take a moment and think of the luxuries you can enjoy with amazing products like safety razors. Just imagine what it would be like to try and shave with a clam shell or a shark tooth instead, I think I know which tool I would prefer!

Conclusion - Phew!

That is everything. All in one place. If you are interested in getting started wet shaving then check out the Cut Throat Club's product range.
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