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It's well-known that the smell of something triggers strong feelings and emotions. From your first aftershave as a young man to the unique scent you wear on a first date, aftershave is a distinctive, personal choice. Not to mention, a splash of aftershave is a crucial finishing touch to your shaving routine.

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Cool, Clean and Sophisticated

For a sophisticated touch to your grooming routine, a splash of aftershave is what you need.

Aftershave splashes reduce irritation and razor burn from shaving. With antiseptic properties, they clear the pores of bacteria before sealing them up, killing bacteria that could lead to razor burn. Our fragrance selection of aftershaves, lotions and balms have a cooling effect while keeping rashes at bay.

Aftershave Splashes For A Fragrant Finish

We're proud to bring you our aftershave fragrance from renowned global labels. Our expert collection of top-brand aftershaves includes Alexander Simpson, Dovo Solingen and Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Choose between aftershave lotion or balm for a soothing sensation. With anti-ageing and moisturising properties, an aftershave balm will revolutionise your shaving ritual. Or, discover a potent aftershave to create a distinguished scent you can call your own.

With notes of leather and sandalwood wrapping you up in confidence, your day is set!

Before The Aftershave

The aftershave is a finishing touch to a gentleman's routine.

Before the aftershave, your routine needs quality shaving essentials. Select high-end safety razors for a lasting shaving routine. Check our shaving creams and soaps for luxury, velvety lather and an extremely close shave. Then, add the final splash of aftershave.

There's a luxury to be had in your mornings.

Aftershave - FAQs

What is the point of aftershave?

Aftershave splashes reduce itching, swelling and damage to the skin. It also has antiseptic properties and closes pores to stop bacteria getting in.

Can you use cologne as an aftershave?

Colognes are a fragrance, so they're not an alternative to aftershave. They don't have antiseptic properties and are likely to irritate your freshly-shaved skin. Aftershave is a specific product that is part of a shaving routine.

What does aftershave splash mean?

Aftershave splashes are liquid-based aftershave that you pat on your skin with your hands. This is traditionally called a 'splash'!