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You're a man who knows quality — you deserve a precise shave. 

Our razor blades are a superb cut above the rest. As the preferred option among barbers and seasoned experts, you can't go wrong with a safety razor blade for a close shave.

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Razor Blades You'll Love

A shavette or safety razor is nothing without a top-quality razor blade.

There is no doubt that safety razors are the preferred choice over multi-blade disposable razors. Single blades cut cleanly through the hair for a close and comfortable shave.

We supply replaceable razor blades for shavettes and safety razors. Our collection of razor blades includes premium brands like Wilkinson, Gillette, Merkur and Feather among our razor blades; you're in good hands.

Combine your razor blades with a shaving kit from our collection for a comprehensive shaving routine.

The Incomparable Experience of Shaving Razor Blades

Not only shaving aficionados will appreciate our high-quality blades.

At Cut Throat Club, we are passionate about traditional wet shaving. We want every man to experience that special feeling of a close shave, irreplaceable by a multi-blade disposable. Chosen by barbers for their clean precision and fine edges, our razor blades stand out for quality and an excellent finish.

Take your grooming routine beyond razor blades. For a unique grooming experience, shaving mugs are an artistic convenience that's both stylish and practical.

More Than Just Razor Blades

A close shave is more than an experience. It's a lifestyle.

Your trusty razor is there to take you through life's most important moments. From your first day on the new job to walking down the aisle, that sharp freshly-shaved look always helps you feel your best.

Our products are designed for the well-groomed gentleman that you are. Browse our razor blade collection for the premium quality you deserve.

Razor Blades - FAQs

Which razor blade is the best?

We're proud to say we supply the best razor blades so it's entirely your choice. Depending on the razor you have and the finish you want, choose whichever blade that suits you.

How do single blade razors help with skin irritation?

You can't go wrong with single blade razors! Other razors might leave bumps and sensitive spots, but double edge razors deliver a smooth finish. Safety razors cut cleanly through the hair and remove the dirt and debris that covers the first layer of the skin. This significantly reduces the chance of skin irritation and ingrown hairs.