Shavette Razors

Shavette razors are the game-changers of shaving.

Look sharp with a shavette straight razor — a classic cut throat that doesn't need stropping and sharpening. With the convenience of replaceable blades, shavette razors are the perfect tool for beginners or those wanting a hassle free shave.

Shavette Razors
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Shavette Razors: Convenience With Excellence

Designed for beginners just starting out with a straight razor or seasoned professionals in the art of shaving. A shavette razor is a time-saving addition to your bathroom routine.

You don't need to be an expert to use a shavette razor. Even for beginners, shavette razor blades deliver the most polished look. Made with materials of the highest quality, a shavette will transform your shaving routine.

Exquisitely constructed, shavette razors are the perfect gift for every gentleman. Try our shavette razor shaving kit for a rich shaving experience, featuring a brush luxury soaps, blades and more.

Confidence In The Barber Shop's Choice: Shavette Straight Razors

Confidence isn't a feeling. It's a sense of being.

Time-saving and minimal hassle, rest assured in the knowledge that the shavette razor is the preferred option by barbers.

The easily replaceable shavette razor blades mean a clean, sharp blade every time. It's the best and most clean razor for any high-quality establishment and a confident choice for every beginner.

Shavette Razor FAQs

How do you use a shavette razor?

Holding the razor at a 30-degree angle is an ideal position. With your other hand, stretch the skin then move the shavette blade in short strokes. Use very light pressure and shave over the same spot several times. For a specific look or shape, why not check out YouTube tutorials? They will show you how to style using a shavette razor.

How many times can you use a shavette blade?

This depends on your hair type and length of facial hair. Typically a blade lasts a week or about 7-8 shaves.

Is shaving with a brush better?

Shaving with a brush and shaving soap builds a lather making it easier for the razor to shave without razor burn. Check out shaving brushes here.