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Embark on the journey of luxury shaving.

Whether you're a novice at wet shaving or a shaving connoisseur, Cut Throat Club has you covered. With shaving brushes for every man, expect nothing less than an exceptional shaving experience every time.

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Why Use a Shaving Brush?

The shaving brush is a key component for a traditional wet shaving experience. Whilst not critical to a good shave, using a brush not only looks and feels amazing, it helps to exfoliate the skin and raise hairs ready for a smooth shave. Whilst there’s nothing wrong in lathering up some shaving foam in your hands and smearing on your face and neck – You do miss out on using some far superior shaving soaps and that therapeutic feeling of whipping up some thick lather and brushing into your beard. Using a shave brush gives you full control over the consistency of your lather – If you’ve not got any shaving brushes in your arsenal we’d strongly recommend you give one a try. It’ll transform your wet shaving experience!

  • Badger Hair

    The most traditional type of shaving brush. Badger hair retains heat and water better than a synthetic brush.

  • Synthetic

    Synthetic bristles tend to be softer on the hair, are fast drying and don't shed as much as a animal hair brush.

  • Boar Hair

    Boar hair is stronger and more rigid than badger hair. They work well with hard shaving soaps and may feel a little more exfoliating on the skin.

Brush Up Your Grooming Routine With Our Quality Shaving Brushes

A gentleman's grooming routine is more than just a shave. Preparation is paramount.

Using a brush for shaving lifts the hair for a clean cut and an even closer shave. Plus, with gentle skin exfoliation, a quality shaving brush keeps your skin clear and free from irritation. Add your favourite shaving creams and soaps for a velvety soft lather.

Browse our assortment of shaving brushes with various bristles and ornately crafted handles. Made with natural fibres, including badger and horse hair, discover shaving brushes that add a touch of class to your shaving routine.

The Shaving Cream Brush Experience

Searching for that sharp fresh-shave look?

It's not just about the razor blades. Getting a great shave depends on using the right shave brush to take care of your whole face.

Swirling a shaving brush across the face exfoliates away the dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath. Using a shaving brush also means that ingrown hairs are less likely to occur too. Lather the stress out of that clenched jaw with our shaving brushes for a relaxing start to your day.

Master Grooming with the Perfect Shaving Brush

At Cut Throat Club, we're the first destination for all grooming essentials.

Whether you're looking for a boar-hair shaving brush or a straight razor, our shaving tools are guaranteed to give you a high-end shaving experience. Begin your shaving journey with one of our many shaving kits, or choose individual pieces to make your collection. Whatever you're searching for, you can find it here.

Shaving Brushes - FAQs

Each man has different preferences. Badger's hair is the most common bristle for its ability to retain water. This allows the bristles to form a rich lather for a glorious shaving experience. Boar and horse hair are also great animal-based choices.

Nowadays, synthetic shaving brush bristles are as good as their traditional counterparts and can provide that authentic feel. The best shaving brush is all down to individual preferences.

Yes! A brush for shaving prepares and softens the facial hair. This lessens the friction and results in a close and comfortable shave. It's always better to use a shaving brush to prepare your face for a shave. It also allows you to lather up the shaving soap much better than by hand which again adds to the experience.

You need to look at two things with shaving brushes - bristle type and handle. Our brushes come in different-sized handles to suit your grip with top-grade bristles made of natural fibres such as badger and boar hair. There are also vegan options available made with synthetic hair. Choose the one that suits you.

Synthetic shaving brushes are 100% Vegan. They are the only kind of brush NOT made from animal hair. Synthetic shaving brushes have come a long way in recent years and perform just as well (sometimes even better) than the original badger hair brushes.