Razor Stands

When even your bathroom is well-groomed, keep your space tidy and organised with a razor stand. 

At Cut Throat Club, we believe that shaving is a work of art. That's why your razor should be proudly on display. Browse our range of razor stands that will elevate your bathroom and keep your razor safe and in great condition.

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Razor Stands - Every Razor's Missing Companion

Your razor deserves to be on display.

Made with alloy steel and available in a variety of colors, our robust razor stands are designed with a weighted bottom, meaning they won't overbalance with the weight of the razor. Beautiful to look at and in unique designs, a razor stand is a modern and sleek addition to your shaving regimen.

But they don't just look good. By allowing razors to air dry, razor stands allow the razor to retain its sharpness and keep razors in tip-top condition for longer.

Razor Stands For all Types

Whether you choose a straight razor stand or a safety razor stand, we have one to suit every personality.

Our range consists of razor stands to work with your toolkit, including stands for long-handled razors or an added holder for a shaving brush. Versatile, elegant and practical, our range of razor stands will keep your razor safe and in prime condition, ready for the next shave.

The Complete Collection For Your Straight Razors

Don't just stop here. Whatever you need, Cut Throat Club is the ultimate destination for all your shaving needs.

We're fully equipped to provide professional-grade accessories for a high-end shaving experience. From the all-important razor blades to the shaving strops, you'll want for nothing with our selection of grooming items for an impeccable shave.

Razor Stands - FAQs

Where do you store your razor after use?

A razor stand is the best place to store a razor. Keeping the blade elevated, a razor stand allows the blade to dry and keeps it out of the way of debris and other dirt that you might find in a bathroom. A razor stand is a vital part of the maintenance and upkeep of your razor.

Do I need a razor stand?

To maintain your razor and other shaving accessories properly, we'd say a resounding yes to a razor stand. Razor stands help straight razor blades last as long as possible, and some of our stands come with a shaving brush compartment to keep your whole kit clean and safe.