How to Clean and Store Your Equipment

The classic shaving brush is an essential piece of kit to have if you wet shave. These simple tools have a head of bristles and allow you to create a lather of shaving cream before you work your magic with your razor.

We all know how to use them, but do we all know how to care for them? To get the best use out of your shaving brush, it’s important to know how to clean it, and how to store it. We delve into these two topics below and give some useful steps and methods for your benefit.

Cleaning Your Shaving Brush – Deep Clean

It’s important to clean your shaving brush after each use. However, you could notice a decline in quality and usability over time. For example, it may be more difficult to create a lather and apply shaving cream. This is why we advise doing a deep clean once per month. 

The first step is exactly the same as your daily clean. You must first rinse the shaving brush and clear away any debris and muck that has built up (hopefully it hasn’t if you have cleaned it after each use!).

Next, create a lather on the bristles using a cleaning agent. Something simple like washing-up liquid is perfect. You want the cleaning agent to cover the bristles completely so make sure the lather is a good one. Then, just let the brush soak for 10 minutes in tepid water. This allows the washing-up liquid to work in properly and remove any scum.

You can then rinse it off and dry it in exactly the same way that you would for your daily clean. Some people will soak the brush in a solution of vinegar and water too. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent and is typically stronger than washing-up liquid. However, we advise caution with this as it can leave a strong smell and could potentially contaminate your cream.

Storing Your Shaving Brush

The most important thing to remember about storing your shaving brush is that it must be completely dry. Any lingering water can soon cause mould and bacteria to build up. And let’s face it, who wants to rub a mixture of bacteria and shaving cream on their face?

Therefore, something like a shaving brush case is ideal. This is a simple storage case that helps keep moisture out and protect your brush. Ideally, you need to place this case in another room like your bedroom unless your bathroom is incredibly well ventilated and isn’t prone to damp.

Wherever you store it, make sure that it has dried thoroughly first using the steps we have listed above. It could also be an idea to have several shaving brushes so that you can alternate their use – while one is drying, you can use the other!

Razor & Brush Stands

Final Words

If you use a shaving brush, you must look after it properly. Applying shaving cream with a dirty, matted brush is a recipe for disaster and you can affect your hygiene and skin quality. We advise cleaning it after each use, and doing a deep clean once per month, or if you notice any deterioration in the usability of the brush.

Conclusion - Phew!

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