Using a traditional razor to shave requires more tools compared to something like an electric shaver and this is where the best shaving kits for men pay dividends. By investing in a shaving kit, you get all the items you need to clean shave, or keep your facial hair impeccably groomed.

These kits are specially formulated and typically have the items hand-picked that complement each other. Typical items include a cutthroat or safety razor, shaving cream, a shaving brush, and perhaps some skincare like an alum stick.

In this guide, I want to open your eyes to the world of the best shaving kits for men and show how you could benefit from investing in one. I also give a range of top picks, and tips on how to achieve the perfect clean shave.

Essential Items for Your Shaving Kit

Before I delve into the best shaving kits for men, it’s important to look at the individual components and what you need to include in your kit. Now, there is variance depending on your preference for a cut throat razor or double edged safety razor, but other items in the kit such as shaving cream and a brush remain consistent.

Cut Throat Razor

Let’s start with your shaving implement of choice and one option is the traditional cut throat razor. These simple shaving tools have been used for hundreds of years and are perfect for the traditionalist – for the discerning gentleman who wants to recreate the real barbershop experience.

Cutthroat razors are relatively simplistic with a stylised handle and fold out blade and you can check out our epic range of cutthroats for inspiration. Renowned manufacturers of these razors include Dovo, Giesen & Forsthoff, and Feather.

Double Edged Safety Razor

Perhaps you skill like the traditionalist approach but aren’t as confident with your razor skills to wield a cutthroat? In this instance, a safety razor is the ideal option. This type of razor has also been used for centuries and usually features a double-edged blade connected to a short handle.

Safety razors benefit from a blade guard and comb to help protect your skin while still giving you a smooth and comfortable shave and we have an excellent range of safety razors including many options from the legendary brand Merkur.

Shaving Cream

If you dry shave with a razor then I commend your bravery! However, I also recommend that you stop doing this and invest in shaving cream as part of your toolset. The best shaving kits for men all include shaving cream or shaving soap and it’s a vital item if you want to protect your face and work you razor blade with ease.

Shaving cream is whipped into a lather and applied to your face to create a barrier between your skin and the blade. Our selection of shaving cream includes popular brands like Taylors of Old Bond Street, Omega, Mitchell’s, and Dovo. Make sure you check the fragrance of the shaving cream and any additional features like moisturiser.

Shaving Brush

Now, you can apply shaving cream with your hand, but this gets messy quickly and the better alternative is to use a shaving brush. Shaving brushes utilize specialised hair from animals such as badgers and boars that absorb water and allow you to easily create a lather with your shaving cream.

You can then use the brush to apply the cream or soap evenly and softly to your face and neck. There are complimentary items to potentially include with a brush too such as a stand and shaving bowl. Popular shaving brush manufacturers include Roche, Simpsons, Omega, and Cyril R Salter.

Leather Strop

If you are using a safety razor then you don’t need a strop and instead need a pack of replacement double edged razor blades. However, cutthroat razor afficionados need a strop to hone and sharpen your blade as over time it dulls.

Strops are traditionally made from a strip of leather that you work along the blade edge and you may also consider a stropping balm that helps stop the leather from drying out. Our selection of strops are perfect for the best shaving kits for men and include premium items from Dovo and Giesen & Forsthoff.

Alum Stick

Even the most skilled razor wielder can still have a slip and get minor nicks and cuts and in these instances, you want something to sooth your skin and staunch any bleeding. The trusty alum stick is the perfect option here as it has clotting properties to help stop bleeding, but also sooths your skin and reduces redness and itching.

Best Shaving Kits for Men – Everything You Need for Hassle-Free Shaving

If you don’t want to hand-pick items and try and create your own kit, I’ve done the hard work for you. Below, I have selected five of the best shaving skits for men available at Cut Throat Club including both cutthroat razor and safety razor options.

1. Cellidor Straight Razor Kit – Cut Throat Club

The Cellidor Straight Razor Kit is a step-up from the beginners option and it features the impressive Cellidor cutthroat razor from Dovo. Complementing this, you get a synthetic shaving brush rom Roche, a leather strop and stropping balm from Dovo, and the ever-popular Sandalwood shaving cream from Taylors of Old Bond Street.

2. Roche Sandalwood Shaving Set – Cut Throat Club

Presented in a stylish box, this Roche set is great for beginners and includes the sophisticated Roche R1 Safety Razor finished in a sleek gun metal. Your razor and shaving brush can both be stood neatly on the included Roche safety razor stand, and of course we include a pack of superior platinum razor blade replacements. This kit also includes the Taylors Sandalwood shaving cream for a touch of masculinity.

3. Bismarck Straight Razor Kit – Cut Throat Club

If you want a premium bundle and the best tools available, splashing out on the Bismarck Straight Razor Kit is a great option. The feature item in this shaving kit for men is the Dovo Bismark 6/8 Cut Throat Razor which I think looks and performs incredibly. 

You also get everything you need to enjoy a smooth and safe shave and keep your tools in working order. This includes a leather strop, a shaving brush, Sandalwood shaving cream, a shaving bowl, and stropping balm.

4. Beginners Double Edge Shaving Kit – Cut Throat Club

If you are taking your first steps into the world of shaving with razors, I recommend starting with a safety razor which makes the Beginners Double Edge Shaving Kit a fantastic choice. This shaving kit for men keeps it simple and includes a trusty Merkur safety razor, shaving soap, synthetic shaving brush, and a pack of replacement razor blades.

5. Barbers Choice Straight Razor Kit

Simpson is a renowned brand in the world of shaving so we crafted a kit based on this with the Barbers Choice Straight Razor Kit. You get a trio of skincare products from Alexander Simpson including post shave balm, pre-shave oil, and their superb ultra glide shaving cream. 

These products can then be used in conjunction with the high-quality Giesen & Forsthoff Barbers Choice black straight razor, and the Omega shaving brush.

Shaving Tips to Master Your Razor

So, we now know the items to include in your shaving kit, and you have some excellent pre-built shaving kits available too. You now need to perfect your razor technique to get the most out of these kits and tools so I have listed some simple shaving tips below.

Skin preparation is key

Most cuts and nicks result from a lack of preparation or your skin not being in the right state before shaving. Firstly, a pre-shave oil can help hydrate your skin and stop it from drying out as dryness increases the chance of razor burn.

Shaving cream is also a necessity and this should always be applied before using a razor. It gives a protective barrier between the blade and your skin while still allowing the razor to do its work.

Keep your skin taught

Sagging, wrinkled, and loose skin can be your worst nightmare when shaving. Simply put, your blade can snag on your loose skin and it greatly increases the chance of nicks and cuts.

To avoid this, try and pull your skin taught when shaving. You don’t need to grab your skin and pull it to the extent it hurts, but placing your free hand on your skin and applying a little pressure to keep it taught helps immensely.

Try to use your razor at a 30-degree angle

Now, I don’t expect you to break out the angle-measurer and get this to a precision, but experts recommend that you keep your blade at a 30-degree angle to your face. 

This is seen as the ideal angle to avoid injury and to get the best use out of your razor. This takes a little practice at first but once you get used to the angle and muscle memory kicks in, it should become second nature.

Rinse your blade after each stroke

As you trim your face and move the razor across your skin, the blade will gather debris, dirt, hair, and shaving cream. These can all work against the shaving process and cause the blade to pull or your razor to be less effective. This effect is worse for safety razors due to the closed comb and guard surrounding the blade.

To avoid this, all you have to do is rinse your blade after each stroke. I typically fill the sink with warm water and use it for rinsing. Just plop your razor into the water and give it a waggle – this should effectively remove any gunk that could clog the blade.

Keep Your Facial Hair Controlled With the Best Shaving Kit for Men

I hope you have found this guide on the best shaving kit for men useful! Now you can either build your own kit with inspiration from the suggested items I have given or invest in a pre-built kit that contains everything you need.

Either way, a comprehensive shaving kit ensures you have everything you need to either achieve a clean shave or keep your facial hair neat and groomed. With tools like a strop and an alum stick you can also protect your skin and get the best use out of your razor blades.

Shaving Kits FAQs

The contents can vary but essential items typically include a razor (cutthroat or safety), shaving cream and a shaving brush. Depending on the type of razor included, you may then get replacement razor blades or a leather strop.

This is down to personal preference but top choices include Blu Atlas Shaving Cream, The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, and Cyril R Salter Classic Almond Shaving Cream. When choosing a shaving cream, make sure you look at the fragrance, the application, and any other properties such as moisturising and hydrating.

If your shaving kit includes a cutthroat razor then a strop is ideal. A strop is used to hone and sharpen the cutthroat razor blade and thus improve its longevity and usage.

This is personal preference. Some men prefer the simplicity of an electric shaver, others prefer a traditional cut throat razor or double-edged safety razor. Think about how long you want to spend shaving, how you wear your facial hair, and your confidence using different shaving systems.

Conclusion - Phew!

That is everything. If you are interested in shopping with us then check out the Cut Throat Club's product range.
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