Whether you use a cut throat razor or a double-edged safety razor, one thing remains common – the need for shaving cream. Shaving cream is a razor’s best friend and not using it is like not having salt and vinegar with chips – unthinkable!

By using shaving cream, your are creating a barrier between your skin and the razor and thus greatly reducing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. The cream allows your blade to glide effortlessly across your skin and turn shaving into an enjoyable experience instead of a dance of a thousand cuts.

This begs the question, which is the best shaving cream for men? In this ultimate guide, I am to answer that question and help you wade through the huge array of available shaving creams. It can be a minefield with so many products but if you read on, you will see my top picks, plus a heap of useful tips and info on how to pick the right shaving cream for your facial hair.

Top Picks: Best Shaving Creams for Men

When picking the best shaving cream for men I have used a little of my personal preference and balanced this with shaving creams that have essential properties such as creating a great lather, soothing your skin, and offering hydration and protection against irritation.

1. Blue Atlas Shaving Cream

I found it difficult to pick the best shaving cream for men, but the Blu Atlas stood out and this is one I return to oftentimes. It has amazing hydrating properties for those with dry skin, but the Allantoin and Panthenol also help sooth and heal your skin.

You also get the benefit of Aloe Vera which helps reduce irritation and thus enhances your overall shaving process. It has a classic scent that speaks of masculinity too without being too overpowering or distracting and is available in convenient 60ml tubs so it’s great for traveling with.

2. Body Shop Maca Root and Aloe Softening Shaving Cream

When looking at the best shaving cream for men I had to include The Body Shop’s Maca Root and Aloe Softening Shaving Cream. This product is a popular option and it has exactly what you need for a comfortable shave while also helping your skin.

It contains Aloe Vera which helps sooth your skin during shaving and reduce irritation. Also, the maca root is what softens your facial hair so that your razor works smoothly. You can expect excellent quality and ethical practices too from the Body Shop such as using Fair Trade suppliers and non-animal testing.

3. The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream

I love The Bluebeards Revenge Brand and they have cool theming and colours for their products and they actually have a nice range of razors too. Their original shaving cream is one for the conscientious shaver as it is vegan friendly, uses no animal products, and is cruelty-free and plastic-free.

The cream has a subtle hint of coconut and provides excellent hydration for your skin and hair, as well as being easy to create a lather with and apply on your face with a shaving brush. Your stubble of hair will feel much softer and you will be able to work your razor effortlessly.

4. Cyril R. Salter Classic Almond Shaving Cream

Cyril R. Salter is another age-old brand that has been using tried and tested methods for decades and its almond shaving cream is one of my favourites. For a reasonable price you get 165ml of shaving cream and I love the presentation in a simple but classic blue tub with white trim and text.

The subtle almond scent of the cream is sophisticated while the cream itself is easy to create a lather with. Your hair will feel soft while shaving, and this cream has the benefit of including Vitamin E and Glycerine which are both important for hair health.

5. Proraso Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Who doesn’t love the classic aroma of sandalwood? This is a timeless classic and it’s been used in shaving products for decades. Proraso has created a fantastic shaving cream that utilised this fragrance but it is also functional and great for your skin too.

The cream includes shea butter and it’s a great choice if you have coarse facial hair or are prone to dry and damaged skin. The sandalwood oil helps soften your facial hair beforehand without leaving any greasy residue on your skin afterwards. The cream comes in a stylish 150ml red tub too and is easy to apply.

6. Simpsons Bay Rum Ultra Glide Shaving Cream

Simpsons is one of the oldest shaving brands and they’ve been producing some of the best shaving cream for men for over a hundred years. They have a classic sandalwood option, but I prefer the zest of the Bay Rum Ultra Glide Shaving Cream. The fragrance is fantastic and is certainly more noticeable!

The cream itself is high quality too and as the name suggests, it works easily into a lather and when applied, gives you an ultra-smooth shaving experience where you will hardly have to work your razor. This shaving cream also represents great value for money with the larger 180ml tub.

Expert Tips for Using Shaving Cream Effectively

With a list of shaving creams sorted, you now need to know how to use your choice effectively! Below, I have listed some expert tips that can help improved your shaving experience and make sure you get the most out of your cream.

It’s all about the consistency

To use shaving cream effectively you must get the right consistency. If the lather is too thick and dense, you may not be able to work it easily onto your face or you may struggle to pull the razor through.

Alternatively, if the lather is too watery, the shaving cream simply won’t stick to your face. This takes a little practice but it’s a case of adding or not adding water to the cream. Add a little bit at a time if the lather feels too thick and remember that stirring the lather with your brush should help improve the consistency – just imagine you are beating an egg!

Shake it off

Although shaving cream is easy to work through with your razor, the blade can still get clogged with cream, hair, and debris. This will slow down the process and reduce the effectiveness of the cream. 

Therefore, make sure you rinse and shake your razor after each stroke. To save water, you should fill a sink with warm water before you start. You can then rinse your razor in the water and give it a waggle to remove any excess cream and debris.

Invest in a shaving bowl

When using shaving cream, you have to consider how you are going to create a lather and get the substance from the tub onto your face. Now, the messy way is to simply slap a little on your bathroom counter or work the lather in your hands.

Instead of doing that, I suggest buying a wooden shaving bowl. The shaving bowl provides the perfect mixing container for your shaving cream and greatly helps reduce the cleanup afterwards. Simply place some shaving cream into the bowl and use your brush to create the lather. When finished, you can rinse the bowl clean and dry it – easy!

Soak your shaving brush beforehand

If you are using a shaving brush to apply your shaving cream (I recommend you do!), consider soaking it in hot water for a few minutes before working with the cream. This allows shaving brush bristles that absorb water like badger hair and boar hair to work more effectively and create a lather quicker.

Choosing the Right Shaving Cream for Your Beard

I’ve given you a list of the best shaving creams for men, but you still have to narrow your choices and pick one. To do this, you have to consider a number of factors about the product, but also about your facial hair, usage, and skin.

Pre-lathered or not

Lathering is the process of working the saving cream into a suitable consistency so that it can easily be applied to your face. Some shaving creams are actually pre-lathered so you can scoop it out and massage it directly onto your skin.

Others, you may have to add a little water and work the substance by effectively stirring it before it has the right consistency for application.


When looking at shaving cream, consider how you will apply it to your face. Ideally, the container should be large enough so you can easily scoop some out with your fingers or roll the tip of a shaving brush in it easily.

Some shaving cream sets include a separate shaving bowl too. With equipment like this you can simply scoop cream out of the tub and place it into the bowl to mix and create a lather with more room. It also means you don’t have to just place the cream directly onto your hand or a bathroom counter.

Expiration period

I didn’t know this until recently, but shaving cream can expire! If you check the tubs, you will typically notice an expiration date. This is advisory and unlike expired food, it doesn’t pose any health risks. 

Instead, the quality and ease of use of the shaving cream may deteriorate as the chemicals and natural products inside start to degrade and deteriorate. For example, the cream may start to harden and it may be increasingly difficult to work it into a lather.


Shaving cream is primarily used as a shaving aid, but that doesn’t mean it can’t smell nice! Indeed, the best shaving creams for men also work in a similar manner to an aftershave and leave a pleasant aroma on your skin after use.

What scent you choose is based on personal preference but a classic is sandalwood. Some shaving creams are unscented too or don’t really have a strong smell so always check the product description and where possible, smell a tester pot!

Moisturising properties

The purpose of shaving cream is to make using a cut throat razor or double-edged safety razor easier by allowing it to run smoothly across your face. However, many shaving creams also have moisturising properties and can be beneficial for your skin,

You may already have a separate moisturiser, but why not consider buying a moisturising shaving cream too. Your skin will feel pleasant and soft after a clean shave, but the moisturiser and things like Aloe Vera also help combat razor burn.

Experience Shaving Perfection With the Best Shaving Cream for Men

I hope you have found this guide on the best shaving creams for men beneficial! Aside from having a fantastic range of options to choose from, I want you to consider your shaving routine and if you aren’t already using cream, start today!

Shaving cream offers numerous benefits including softening your skin and hair, moisturising, and making sure that your razor works effortlessly. After using shaving cream a few times, I guarantee you will never go back as the shaving experience is simply too good!

Men’s Shaving Cream FAQs

Yes! Like most beauty and skincare products, shaving cream typically has an expiration date. It won’t go mouldy but the effectiveness of the product could be reduced so always make sure you check expiry dates before making a purchase.

Pre-lathered shaving cream typically doesn’t need any additional water adding and you should be able to add it directly to your face. However, if you need to create a lather, you may need to add a little water to improve the consistency.

Shaving gel is seen as the easier option and often preferred by beginners however, shaving cream is usually seen as the most effective option as it can be applied easier and gives better end results for a smooth and clean shave.

D Consider the brand reputation, check reviews from customers, but also look at the type of cream. Think about what scent you want, and if you want it to have any moisturising properties. Make sure you check expiry dates too, and whether it’s pre-lathered or not for ease of use.

Conclusion - Phew!

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