A Guide to Shaving Your Neck with a Straight Razor

A Guide to Shaving Your Neck with a Straight Razor

Why straight razors are perfect for shaving the neck

Thanks to the emergence of straight razors as a must-have in every shaving arsenal, more people find themselves struggling to get the closest shave possible without getting nicked or cut. When it comes to shaving the neck, however, a straight razor presents itself as the only tool capable of pulling off a perfect job because regular disposable razors won’t work so well with such a sensitive area.


With a narrow profile, smooth shaving experience, and ease of use at any angle, straight razors have become the prime choice for grooming any hair on the neck. Aside from being smooth and effective at shaving the neck, however, straight razors are also cost-effective and durable—perfect for people who have to shave every day.


As effective as a straight razor may be for shaving the neck, however, most men still find themselves struggling with getting the right finish or avoiding nasty cuts after a few swipes. Because the neck reason isn’t the easiest part of the upper body to shave, the common struggle safely using a straight razor can become an even bigger problem without the right education.


Fortunately, getting a quick, smooth shave on the neck with the help of a straight razor isn’t impossible as it may seem. In fact, all it takes is some practice and the right tips for application. Regardless of whether you’re new to the experience of using a straight razor or are simply tired of nicking yourself far more than you should, here are four tips for shaving your neck with it:


  1. Stick with a single blade

The golden rule for shaving with a straight razor is that a single blade is the only applicable option for a proper finish.


As opposed to a modern multi-blade that causes much friction and irritation on the skin, taking the old-school approach with a single blade is much more apt for a smoother shave in one of the most sensitive parts of your face. If you’re new to straight razor shaving and don’t want to risk spilling blood, you can start off with a safety razor to keep your skin protected by lessening the possibility of getting accidental nicks and cuts!


  1. Always prepare your neck for the shave

Before you start shaving, it is vital to prepare your neck for proper shaving to attain a clean and smooth finish with no nicks, cuts, or bumps—even more so if you’re prone to growing ingrown hairs in that area. First, you’ll need to gently and thoroughly clean the neck with warm water and a dab of face cleanser. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your neck, you can apply pre-shave oil to fully prepare the skin and hair on your neck for a proper shave.


  1. Shave with the grain of your neck hair in mind

Another cardinal rule when shaving is that a clean shave can be best attained by shaving with the grain (or simply going along the direction of the hair growth). When it comes to shaving the neck, however, it can get fairly complicated because the hair in the area is often stubborn towards shaving and grows in a circular pattern. This means that the only way to get it right is by shaving in a single direction.


  1. Let the straight razor’s weight do the work

One common mistake that many men make when using a straight razor is that they push in with every stroke like how they would with a disposable multi-blade razor— leading to deeper cuts with every movement. The best way to ensure that you’re getting a proper shave with a straight razor is to let its weight do the work by holding it at the very bottom of the handle to effectively reduce blade pressure while achieving a clean finish.


Final words

Shaving your neck with a straight razor doesn’t always have to be a nightmare-filled experience when you take the right tips in mind and carry out an effective approach. By following the tips mentioned in this list, you can easily get a handsomely-smooth finish after shaving your neck with a straight razor—without any signs of nicks, cuts, bumps, and ingrown hairs.


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