5 Reasons to Never Buy a Cheap Straight Razor

5 Reasons to Never Buy a Cheap Straight Razor

At Cut Throat Club we pride ourselves on only offering premium, high quality products. Unfortunately there are huge numbers of cheap, low quality razors in the market that can cause more problems than they solve.

This list explains some of the differences between a high quality and a low quality razor:

1)      Cheap razors are made from stainless steel compared to carbon steel premium razors are made from. Stainless steel is much softer which means that it loses its edge much more quickly and requires much more frequent sharpening with a honing stone.

2)      The stainless steel on low quality razors also reduces the life of the razor. Due to the high frequency of sharpening a lot of steel is wasted, and over an extended period of time this results in a carbon steel razor lasting for many years longer.

Cheap Straight Razor

3)      Cheap razors are not pre-sharpened. They are usually blunt. Like can’t open an envelope blunt. This often forces beginner’s to purchase and learn how to use a honing stone immediately.

4)      Poor quality razors can have the wrong geometry and their bevel is not at the correct angle at 30 degrees rather than the correct angle of 15 degrees. This means that a normal sharpening with a honing stone will need to remove a large amount of steels before the stone can even reach the edge.

5)      Cheap razors often do not have an even edge, which can lead to missed shaved hairs on each stroke. This leads to every shave taking twice as long because you need to make twice as many strokes to cover your entire face.


A lot of people who are interested in starting to wet shave with a straight edge razor purchase a cheap razor and find so many problems that they give up or are forced to spend a small fortune on replacing them. We recommend purchasing a high quality razor or razor kit for the beginner to avoid all of the issues listed above.

Conclusion - Phew!

That is everything. If you are interested in shopping with us then check out the Cut Throat Club's product range.
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