3 Reasons to Avoid Straight Razor Shaving

3 Reasons to Avoid Straight Razor Shaving

Whether you’re after a majestic example of facial hair or are keen on keeping a clean face, one definitive sign of manhood is shaving. Regardless of the amount of facial hair you have, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll have to shave it one way or another, similar to the number of times you brush your teeth.

For me personally there are two options - either shave daily or grow out a full beard. Anything in between results in painful rashes due to stubble burn.


As easy as it is to know what type of shave works best for you, choosing the right razor to shave with can be a bit more difficult than one may expect. With thousands of different options at varying price points available, it is a challenge to settle on one particular option that best suits your needs. Out of all the different options to choose from, however, chances are that nothing heightens your aversion than the thought of using a straight razor.


At one point, you may have heard of a shaving horror story where someone cut themselves because they weren’t careful, or gasped at the story of another who chopped up their beard with a straight razor. Well, depending on what you’re afraid of, your fear of straight razors can definitely be justified.


If you have stumbled upon this article to validate your fears of straight razors, then there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered with a list of reasons to be afraid of them:


  1. You don’t want to lose the feeling of irritation after shaving

If you’re a unique type of person who craves the sensation of itching and redness after a shave, then a straight razor isn’t for you. As opposed to the standard types of disposable razors that use multiple blades that cause different levels of irritation, straight razors only use one blade to smoothly run through your skin and take the desired amount of facial hair off.


Straight razors pay attention to the underlying sensitivity of a face, which manifests in their ability to avoid accidentally pulling on the hair and ensure a smooth shave with lesser friction. By using straight razors, you won’t have to keep stroking on the spot repeatedly to get the hair off because one swipe is all that’s needed. This is a form of efficiency that also effectively cuts out razor burns and ingrown hairs!


  1. You’re not big on getting the details right

When you use a straight razor, you’ll have a great amount of control over where the razor goes and what it cuts off, essentially making it perfect for someone who wants to get their details right. On the other hand, if you’re someone who wants to live with stubble and growth, then it’s best to assume that a straight razor isn’t for you.

Due to the sharpness of a straight razor, you can use a gentle hand to shave precisely and further refine your shaving technique, all while having an unparalleled amount of control over the razor itself.


  1. You’re afraid of having an enjoyable shaving experience

After using shoddy multi-bladed disposable razors for so long, you’ve probably grown more accustomed to terrible shaving experiences more than you’d like to. Whether you shave every day or every other day, using a straight razor will making shaving an enjoyable task even when you rush through the entire process.

After using a straight razor for a certain period, you can move on to other types of shaving, such as wet shaving and detailed preparations, so that the entire experience can be more enjoyable!


The only type of fear that’s justified in terms of using a straight razor is a fear of change, enjoyment, and comfort. If you’re looking to change the way you know straight razors and make the experience much more enjoyable, then there’s no doubt that straight razors are best for you!


While this article has been written in jest, there are very valid fears that beginners have when considering a straight razor shave for the first time. In all honesty, we can assure you that it is much easier than it looks, although it will take some time to perfect the technique.


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